Brighspect offers professional, effective, unique advices from inception to completion for new building developments, A&A works, improvement works, renovation projects in all aspects for developers, institutions, NGOs and individual property owners including but not limited to the following spheres:

  • Development consultant for new raw land;
  • Project management for new developments, A&A, improvement & renovation works;
  • Authorized Person for new developments, A&A works and licensing works;
  • Architectural service for the new development, improvement works and renovation works;
  • Town planning service for rezoning, s.16 application, objection to OZP;
  • Lease modification and application of short-term waiver for existing properties and raw land;
  • Technical building surveys;
  • Act as expert witness;
  • Due diligence;
  • Checking of building deflects upon hand over new residential units;
  • Act as RI/QP