about us

Brighspect Limited has been established since 1993. Our company is a well-established organized company which offers clients with a full range of professional services in the development market. We have in-house authorized persons, chartered surveyors, architects, landscape architect, town planning consultant, designers, chartered builder and etc. to cater for a wide range of services.  We have extensive experience in Development Consultancy, Project Management, Authorized Person for Assignment Plans and AP certificates, Building Authoritys Submission, Planning Services, Design Services, Building Surveying services like lease modification application, short term waiver/ short term tenancy application, technical building survey, expert witness, etc. In sum, we have a team of different professionals to cater for matters that related to property from the inception to completion stage.

Listed below is not the exhaustive list but serve as a reference for the areas of services provide:

a. Development Consultant for Development of potential site.
b. Development Consultant for s.16 planning application and rezoning.
c. Project Management on New Development.
d. Project Management on Renovation, Improvement work and Alteration and Addition Work.
e. Authorized Person/Design for New Development and A&A works.
f. Adviser on land lease modification / short term waiver / short term tenancy for private land/ building/government land.
g. Technical Building Survey Reports.
h. Expert Witness.
i. Interior Design.